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One of the hardest things about running a business is deciding how to conquer all the things you want to do. If you’re like me, you have a MILLION ideas running through your head and want to do ALL THE THINGS. Am I right?! I get so excited about every idea and want to start on that one and then I think of another idea and I want to start on that one. Meanwhile, all the tasks I half started sit there and collect dust. Now I follow a system that keeps me focused on my business goals.

plan 3 months at a time

The system is meant to plan out your goals 3 months at a time. The reason that we choose 90 days, or 3 months, is because it’s a solid amount of time to get a lot done, to have content planned ahead and not get overwhelmed with too much planning to do. When you get through those three months, your business can completely change and your goals might start to adjust as your business evolves. There are going to be ideas that you want to achieve later but you will work your way towards those plans.

the biggest struggle

If a new idea pops into your head, resist the urge to pursue it right away.. Write it down and move on to it later. Don’t stress about it, don’t think about it, don’t work on it, until you have achieved your previously planned goals. I always keep an ongoing list for when I think of something I want to achieve, whether it’s in Asana, on my iPad, or a notepad, I will write down my idea. Doing this will allow you to remember your idea, give you time to think about it, and then decide if it is actually worth pursuing before taking action. If you decide it’s worth pursuing it will become apart of your 90 day plan.

in the planner

People work differently and we found that this is a system that works for us… we are hoping that it works for you too! The whole purpose of this planner is to get you to focus on one goal at a time. You will work in weekly timeframes and only focus on that one goal for the week.  Print out and fill in the workbook to get focused and start achieving your business goals now. The workbook will help you choose which goal to start on first and then you will plan out the next 90 days. Actually writing out your goals for each week allows you to not stress about all your goals.

“This free workbook walks you through planning your 90 days. Feel free to print out a new copy every 3 months to keep planning. ”

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