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Launching a business is hard right?! There are so many things that you need to learn, create, or connect with and it’s so hard to keep track of everything. And now you’re expected to learn how to be a graphic designer? We know what it’s like over here and that’s why we want to take away the anxiety, stress, and excuses. We want to be your business’ secret weapon or your special team. You might not know all the branding language or the

tech side of websites, but that’s why we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. We’re here to be your coach, your mentor, your teammate, your cheerleader in this process.

Brand Blitz has all your branding essentials to tackle your website and social media to get your business up and running quickly while being well-designed. Start scoring your dream client today, spend more time focused on your business, let us handle the designs for you. From Squarespace themes to Instagram templates, to blog graphics and more. We have everything you need to create a strong, attractive online presence.

We 100% believe in you and we’re here to help you along the way.Creating a business can be a tough journey but we want to be your secret weapon in helping you achieve your goals and build your dream. You got this!
honesty & being real
we believe life is too short to not keep it real. We like honesty, transparency, and being real. we aren't perfect over here but we're also not afraid to embrace it.
our business runs on creativity and thinking outside the box. Learning to find inspiration in every day life and always pushing the boundaries to our creative efforts is key.
lighthearted & fun
We believe in humor and fun. Why does business have to be so serious all the time? Laughing is encouraged.
hard work & passion
Sometimes you have to just do the work but we believe in putting the hard work into something you love and are passionate for. We strive to work smart and make sure we're intentional so our hard work pays off in the right way.



I’m Carrah, the designer and owner of Brand Blitz | Co. I started designing WAY back when Myspace was the cool thing. I had no idea what Photoshop or what HTML/CSS was at the time but I started to teach myself how to design. I created custom Myspace profiles for myself and fell in love with designing. I spent hours following tutorials and started designing profiles for other people. I knew that graphic design was my passion so I pursued it in college. I graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. I have worked for companies, agencies, and I have freelanced all along the way.


Designing and connecting with people bring me so much joy. To see other people so passionate about their own businesses and being able to help them achieve their dreams in one of the most rewarding experiences. We get to help build a brand for entrepreneurs who have so much love for their businesses. It’s inspiring to see the hard work, the heart, and the motivation behind each entrepreneur that we help. We dive in deep with client sessions to truly understand and help them the best way we can. Seeing a client’s brand succeed is one of the best parts of my business.


I look forward to connecting with you too!

let's stalk each other
favorite sport?
can you tell by my whole brand? 😉
favorite color?
i don't have a favorite green, i love all shades!
fave food?
with ranch or garlic butter dipping sauce
enneagram type?
Type 3!
I am infj for Meyers-Briggs
bucket list item?
to go skydiving
or bungee jumping
ideal superpower?
to be able to teleport.
someone please make it happen 😉

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