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Since we recently launched our new branding and website we wanted to share all the intentions and details that went behind the brand. Our goal with any branding project is to create something that encompasses all aspects of your brand which is why we go through our brand foundation exercise to really dig deep into the meaning of the brand. we used the same exercise on our own brand.


We don’t believe in rebranding just to do it or because you think that is going to solve all of your business problems. we believe in rebranding when you are pivoting your focus of your brand, your values no longer align with your branding, or if your audience changes. well the change came kind of quickly for us and we took quick action on it. I knew that I always wanted to educate my audience while offering my design services but the education part took a back seat when I spent my time on clients instead which I am so grateful for. However, we have had this inspiration and itch to start educating more and it hit me like a ton of bricks so we decided to shift and change up our brand identity so I’m going to dive into all the little things that we did to make our brand intentional and meaningful.

the struggle -

When I created Brand Blitz, we started growing our brand and studio through our design services and working 1 on 1 with clients. our goal when first starting out was to really incorporate (American) football into the brand design but women entrepreneurs make up the majority of our target audience and to be completely honest, the majority of women are not fans of football. So we branded ourselves just as a branding studio with no football references. We even updated our branding and website earlier this year but somehow it still didn’t feel right.  

In the meantime, after growing the brand for two years we have learned that we have so much joy for educating our clients and it was beyond just design. We found that we were sharing ideas, strategies, tools, platforms, software and more, but we loved it. so we decided to make a shift into educating more but wanted our branding to reflect that as well. We went back to the drawing board (i.e. Adobe Illustrator) and started mind mapping and coming up with so many ideas that included the shift of the business and the change in brand identity. Well I got struck with inspiration and the design started pouring out of me, and I had no intentions for changing my branding and website. However, things just started aligning and working out and I went with the flow. Here are the thoughts and intentions that went behind the design.


Knowing that I mainly wanted to attract female business owners but also try to combine football design into one cohesive brand was the struggle. When I first came up with the name, I originally had the intentions of creating the brand around football, so I tried brainstorming ideas but in the end, I just didn’t reach the design aesthetic that I liked (designing for yourself is hard!). So I branded the studio as something more feminine that I knew would attract more of my target audience (you have to remember it’s all about your audience). Well that worked. I built my studio and started getting consistent clients so I let the design stay. But deep down i always wanted this idea to come to fruition. 

lessons learned

behind the name -

we believe in efficiency and understand the struggle of starting a business and trying to establish a brand for your business. Therefore, we created Brand Blitz.


definition of brand: brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. 

definition of blitz: a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task.

However, Blitz has another definition, it’s a type of play in Football. So this is where the idea of incorporating football into my brand message really started to form. 



Now our goal is to hold true to our name and create all the resources you need to build your brand quickly but in a unique way that is meaningful to your brand and vision.

overall aesthetic -

I wanted something that was fun but to be taken serious. We are very passionate about building heart centered brands and we didn’t want that message to get lost with bright or loud colors. 


As for personal design style, I love layers and textures, and overlapping elements, and I knew I wanted that. I also like the idea that it represents being a business owner includes many different hats and layers in order to build up your brand. (That might seem like I’m reaching, but it’s just how my brain thinks)

logo -

I know a lot of people get stuck on a logo but honestly, what does a logo on a piece of paper mean if you have no brand behind it? I knew I didn’t want to overthink the logo or spend too much time on it. 


I wanted something that was simple. I added a dash in the middle just to give representation of movement and transformation to represent your brand being made over quickly. 

colors -

I think the colors were the hardest for me to decide on. (Yes, even designers struggle finding the perfect color palette.) When I think of football I think of greens, yellows, and blue which are predominantly shades that attract men which is not my target audience. After playing with those colors and accent colors I decided to make them all a little brighter and more on the pastel side to make it more feminine. Our color palette has a wide range of colors in order to obtain the balance of the football theme and femininity.

Scientists believe the human eye can see over 10 million colors!

fonts -

I have an addiction to fonts and choosing fonts is probably the most time consuming part of any project because I love them so much and love browsing. For our brand I knew that I wanted the body font to be a monospace font ( that is this font that you’re reading right now.) I chose Butler for the Titles because the serif font creates contrast but also because it’s a stencil font which means it looks like someone used the stencil to create it. Well in football the numbers on the field and numbers on jerseys usually have a stenciled look so it aligned perfectly. Trying to keep the balance between too masculine, I added a handwritten font to add a softer side. Tip: When choosing a handwritten font, make sure it’s legible on all different mediums.

other design elements -

I love the idea behind a football coach holding a clipboard and handwriting down plays so I wanted to include handwritten elements throughout including arrows, X’s and O’s, dashed lines and more. Handwriting can be a little messy so our elements are more natural and embrace the fact that not everything is in straight lines. 


We created a lot of overlapping textures and design elements that represents how businesses have a million working parts but if you put them all together it works 

brand messaging -

I think a lot of people don’t realize that their brand messaging is apart of their brand and the experience. We changed all of our messaging to better suit our audience and talk to them in terms that are easy to understand instead of over complicated business or design talk. We also made sure all of our messaging references football terms. We include words like game changing, scoring, winning, offense, defense, kick off, etc. To improve consistency this is used throughout all aspects of branding. 


Since our brand name is an alliteration (which we are obsessed with) our goal is to create our product names to be alliterations as well. We also plan to use famous football players names to name our brand kits.These are the little details that make me very excited with this branding.

instagram -

Honestly, we just love instagram and creating content for the platform but we also always see a big ROI for our time spent on the platform. We have tested it out multiple times and posting and engaging with our audiences gives us a huge return on our time which means we will continue to use it happily. Our goal with Instagram, however, is shifting as well. Stories are a big part of Instagram now and from the polls that we have done, a lot of people prefer stories over the feed. We are going to focus our feed on creating a “playbook” for anyone wanting to run a business and have a ton of information throughout the feed so they can explore the feed at any given time for helpful information. We are also going to be jumping on stories a lot more, just to talk and interact.

the visuals -

summary -

we are so excited for this next adventure and cannot wait to share all of our knowledge with you so you can start achieving your goals, dreams, and vision. our branding feels right and aligned with our purposes and goals. M 

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  1. You are so right with: “trust your gut. follow what feels right.” After all, it is my business so it must be the way I like it! Of course, with the ideal client’s image in mind. Great article and very good advice. Thank you so much!

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