Brand audits -

does this sound like you...

• You created your website but not sure how well you’re messaging is getting across

• You aren’t sure if your values match your brand identity

• something feels like it’s missing or not matching with your vision

• You don’t know if your funnels, design, or other areas of your brand are working properly

• You want a second pair of eyes to look at your brand as a whole

imagine if...

• You could have a second pair of eyes to look at your brand as a whole

• you could stop guessing what’s working and what isn’t

• you could have a clear action plan on how to improve your brand, social media, and/or website

what you get -

We conduct an audit of your branding, website, and your primary social media account then we provide a PDF of a recommended action plan based on our findings. You will receive helpful feedback on areas such as the following:


• How well your brand aligns with your mission and target audience and if the visuals match with this.
• Functionality of your website including links, funnels, page structure, navigation, how well you communicate what you do, etc
• The actual design of your website, colors, fonts, etc
• How well your social media platform is branded and how well it communicates what you do.

the process -

Click on add to cart button, we will then ask for your website and platform so we can begin our initial first impression review. Once purchased, You will receive two emails: one with your receipt and another email with a link that will bring you to the brand audit questionnaire. 

While you are filling out the questionnaire, we will be doing a first impressions look at your platforms. This gives us the opportunity to view your website like a first time buyer/customer.

We will create a pdf of our findings and analysis PLUS action steps that you could take to improve your brand. Your PDF will be emailed to you within 3 days of receiving the questionnaire.

we are usually our own biggest critics and get stuck in our heads about the details and little things that may or may not have an impact, that is why we created this audit. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective that knows how online businesses work and helps you take the guess work out of it.

this is for you if...

• You are a small business looking for direction and feedback

• You aren’t sure if your messaging and design align with each other

• You aren’t sure what you need to improve but you feel like something is missing

• You understand that your website and social media platforms can have a strong impact on first impressions

• You are ready to start growing your business and start attracting your dream clients.