How to Insert Stickers into Plan Blitz Planner

We created the stickers to be inserted easily and quickly into your Plan Blitz Planner.

  1. When you receive your link to download the additional pages, save all of the files to your camera roll or to your a cloud service such as a Dropbox or Google Drive.

  2. Open your planner in the app, make sure you navigate to the proper place in the planner that you want to add your stickers.

  3. In GoodNotes, you will click on the plus sign in the top left and click on add image. Then navigate to the location that you saved your images and place the image on the page. Resize and move to where you want it and then click off the image to set it.

  4. If you ever want to delete the image, you can do select the image by doing a long press on the image and then clicking delete.

Carrah TompkinsComment