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The One Business Principle That You Need to Know to Get Sales

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The one principle you must understand is the Know, Like, and Trust Factor. The Know, Like, and Trust Factor is the business principle of getting your target audience to get to know you, like you, trust you, and then buy from you or become a brand advocate for you. We like to think of it as your customers journey of becoming a fan of yours. In short, be visible, be yourself, be consistent.


We believe in the Know, Like, and Trust factor when it comes to running all aspects of our business. We apply this principle when we structure our website, create content, emails, sales pages, funnels, blog posts, and when considering our traffic sources. It’s important to map out your customer’s journey to ensure they are getting all the know, like, and trust points.


You know that feelings when you meet someone in person and feel connected with them, like their personality or have a ton in common with them? That’s our goal here as well but it looks differently when you are doing it online. Incorporate some of these ideas into your business to increase your know, like, trust factor and ultimately get more sales.


.01 | Know

The first step is getting yourself out there which would include your website, your content, and your social media. Here are some ways that you can get known online.

  1. By knowing who your target audience is and only talking to them so that you can position and tweak the content to them. You can get in front of your audience if you know where they are hanging out and speak directly to them.
  2. Riches in the Niches – Become the expert in your niche. Being the expert makes it so people talk about you and share your brand with their friends or business partners. For example, let’s say one of my friends is about to have a baby and is looking for a newborn photographer, and if I know that your focus is in Newborn photography, then I would instantly tell my friend about you. It’s what you become known for.
  3. Content Marketing – You have to create content in order for your target audience to find you. Content can be creating blog posts, youtube videos, creating for your instagram feed, or starting a podcast, etc. This allows for you to be found in search engines, Pinterest, Instagram, facebook, etc. People can also share the content that you have to their audience, exposing you to more people.
  4. Facebook Groups – If you interact in Facebook groups with your target audience you can build business relationships with people and then they are able to connect and share you with their friends or clients.
  5. Build relationships with influencers – Influencers may be a buzzword right now but getting your product or service to an influencer can be a huge advantage to get a lot of viewers.
  6. Guest Blog – Write a guest post on someone’s blog, provide a freebie, and then all those readers can get an introduction to you and see what your brand is all about.
  7. Engage on social media – I like to use social media for relationship and community builders rather than just marketing, but the more you engage on social media, the higher chance you have of someone viewing your profile.
  8. Incorporate video content – Video content is so big right now and Insta stories make it so easy to jump on a video and talk to your followers. That video content can be seen by other people who aren’t your followers as well.
  9. Have consistent branding so others will recognize your branding even if they aren’t on your website. Maybe someone sees on of your blog posts on Pinterest, they should be able to recognize that it’s your brand just by the way it is designed.
.02 | Like

Once people land on your website or content, you need to build a relationship with them so they can see if they like you. You know that saying “No one is you and that is your superpower?” This is the part where that comes into play. This is the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors. The way you show up and interact with your audience can make someone purchase from you over anyone else.

  1. Be yourself and express yourself through your content. Show your personality and have fun.
  2. Be genuine. People can tell when you’re being phony, be real and share your experiences, passions, and don’t be afraid to get personal.
  3. Be helpful, responsive, and generous with your time, attention, and knowledge.
  4. Initiate a two-way conversation: Invite your audience to engage and interact with you. Interaction can be done through your email list, facebook group, instagram comments and stories, or blog comments.
  5. Show your face. You can incorporate youtube videos, instagram stories, Facebook Lives, podcasts or webinars, into your content marketing strategy.
  6. Focus on your about page on your website: Do you know that about pages are usually the most clicked on page on your website? This is your chance to give your audience a sneak peek into who you are and make a good impression.
  7. Be generous: Share content and promote other people.
  8. Create quality content. Share content that is actually helpful and useful for your audience. When you create a content upgrade or a freebie, make it something that your audience will love!
  9. Provide great customer service. The way you handle a situation speaks volumes to your audience.
.03 | Trust

All three factors come into play when you are selling to your audience. Your audience needs to trust you in order to buy from you. They need to know that you will be providing them value that is worth their money. Here are some ways to gain trust online.

  1. Be Consistent – This is the number one way to build trust with your audience. Show up for them, do the work, and be there for them. We have found that as we become more consistent with our processes and content, we attract more clients and leads.
  2. Give away quality content/freebies – Everyone offers freebies, but this might be your first impression on your target audience, so make it worth it. It’s easier to gain trust when you can prove how good your free content is and stand out from competitors.
  3. Use testimonials and case studies – Show results and proof of your work. Share the experience and process but also make sure your clients give you feedback about working with you. This lets people know what to expect when working with you and also gives them a perspective from someone else. Testimonials are like reviews on Yelp.
  4. Deliver social proof – If your numbers are good, show the numbers from your social media and website analytics. Share the amount of followers, engagement, Pinterest monthly views.
  5. Be transparent – This is one of the things we value most in our business because we want you to know what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s working and what isn’t working.
  6. Don’t be annoying or too salesy – Don’t only send emails that are trying to sell something. I unsubscribe from so many emails if I sign up for their email list and then next email is about one of their paid offers. All of your social media posts shouldn’t be about marketing, it should be about building those relationships with your community.
  7. Offer guarantee – Creating a course or a high value item? Give a 14 or 30 day guarantee or their money back. This is one of those things you can place on a sales page that just gives your audience the comfort of knowing that they won’t get screwed over. It also shows that you believe in your product 100% and are willing to back it up.
  8. Under Promise, over deliver.
  9. Guest blog or collaborate with others in your industry who have positive reputations.

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