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What's Your Brand's Style?

• We know what it’s like to start an online business and be thrown into the whirlwind of what branding is, color palettes, styles guides… etc. It’s a lot to learn and it’s most likely not your area of expertise. So we’re here to help you out with this free quiz so you can start understanding your brand and your brand style.


Things to note: If you are creating a personal brand then you will answer these questions as they pertain to you. If you have a business that isn’t a personal brand then your business should have it’s own values and personality and that’s how you should be answering these questions.

• This quiz is meant to help you but as we like to say every business is unique and you should use this more as a guide to help you instead of basing your whole brand on these results.


• When we work with clients, we dive deeper than we questions so that we can get more information and create a one of a kind brand for them. If you want to work one on one with us, please just contact us at

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