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Rebrand or Refresh? Everything you Need to Know About Rebranding Your Business

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As you are in business for awhile you begin to grow and learn so much. About 7 months ago we launched Brand Blitz and as we’ve been growing we realized that we want to shift the design of our brand. So instead of us going through a full rebrand and changing everything, we are doing a Brand Refresh. Yes, we’ll be honest, you probably haven’t heard of it referred to that way. But sometimes your brand needs some updating but your brand’s values and missions aren’t changing. So we are going to walk you through when you should rebrand your business.



Are you interested in rebranding your business? Here are the questions to ask yourself before you rebrand or hire a designer.


1. Have you changed your business name? (The obvious question!)

2. Has your message or values changed?

3. Is your branding cohesive and consistent?

4. Have your services/products changed?

5. Are you sales where you want them to be?

6. Has your target audience changed?

7. Is your design outdated or have you never had a consistent brand and you’re ready to level up your brand?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can consider a rebrand. Remember that if you are just tired of your website design, it’s probably not a good reason to rebrand. One of the ways of being successful with your branding is to be consistent so always changing your branding is going to confuse your audience. Honestly, we went back and forth on the matter because we didn’t want to under go this process if it was going to hurt us in the long run but we took the time to realize that we are no longer aligning with our target audience.


So how do you rebrand your business?

For our rebrand, it is more of a “refresh”. For the most part we are keeping most things the same but we are changing our positioning and our target market so our designs have to align with our new positioning. Yes we are still creating for creatives but we are adjusting our audience in that niche and who we are trying to attract. Some businesses do a complete rebrand and change everything about their branding which is a much larger undertaking but the steps to rebrand are the same.


We are going through the same exact process that we have our clients go through for a rebrand. We have a workbook that we send out to our clients and so we are going through the same process for our own business and we want to give you a behind the scenes look so make sure you follow us on Instagram because we are going to be posting as we go through our own process. Hopefully this will give you an inside look or some tips if you’re currently going through the process.


The goal of rebranding.

Our goal of our rebrand is to create a longer lasting brand so as we grow it grows with us. When we started, we put our branding together and didn’t really go deep into the process because we were busy working on clients websites, we didn’t worry about ours. We know this is horrible because we didn’t practice what we preach, but I must say that designing for your own business is so much more difficult than helping someone else. Now we are going through our own process that we tell our clients so we can really flesh out all the details and really get down to the nitty gritty. This discovery process is the opportunity to really build the foundation of our business so that our branding can last longer and also bring more attention to our brand.

We always suggest building a strong foundation for your branding and that is what we help our clients with. This is also why we suggest being in business for at least a year before you invest in branding because you might not have a foundation yet and haven’t gone through all the obstacles of a new business. You learn so much the first year and all that information helps when you are branding your business. For us, we just jumped into creating our brand and website as quickly as possible and now it’s time for us to refresh our brand.



Once again, follow us on instagram to follow along.



Have you branded your business yet or are you looking to rebrand? Get in contact with us and we can help you decide!





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