Your Brand Game Plan + Workbook

Your Brand Game Plan + Workbook


Are you just starting a business? Do you have a structured plan about the foundation of your business? Are you lost on who your target audience is or where you should be marketing? Do you know how your visuals reflect your business?

• This game plan helps you build a solid foundation before you start branding.

• Really get to know your brand, your values, your audience, so you can learn to market properly and start earning sales.

• Have a solid plan so you know your goals and what you want to focus us.

You will receive:

  • 20 page ebook and workbook that walks you through how to find clarity for you business.

  • Find your purpose, niche, USP, target audience, your biz bio and more!

  • The same process we walk through with our clients before we start branding.

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