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Why We Switched from Squarespace to WordPress

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I have to preface this blog post by saying that I love square space and I highly recommend it to anyone who Is now to website design or if you are just starting out on your business. It makes it extremely easy to edit and update yourself and it’s an all-in-one platform. 

They are constantly growing and adding features and they recently added an email tool. We still design squarespace websites too. You can view our services here. We also have a blog post that helps you decide which platform is best for you. Read that blog post here.

Now onto the actual blog post. Years ago, I started on WordPress and that’s how I learned all things websites and then I switched over to Squarespace to get experience with it and really learn all about Squarespace. In the meantime, I was still building websites in WordPress and new design tools such as Elementor have come out. One of the reasons I didn’t like WordPress was because it’s a big teaming curve for a lot of people especially if they aren’t tech savvy. Teaching my clients how to use WordPress was only half the battle because they would reach out to me even for a quick design fix. The good thing with Squarespace is that they make it really easy to edit elements and text on a page.

We started experimenting with elementor and fell in love with It.




side note: WordPress websites require you to have a “theme” that you upload in order to create a custom design. Elementor is a drag and drop theme builder that allows you to design anything without being held back by not knowing how to code.




Reason#1 : design control

We have more design control. Somethings are just not possible to do in Squarespace unless you add a ton of code. While we are experienced with code, we didn’t like how much we had to use In order to get our site the way we wanted.

reason#2: email integration

WordPress & Elementor integrate with my email client much better than Squarespace.

I think eventually Squarespace will integrate with other email clients besides MailChimp but It was making OUR integrations a little more difficult.

reason#3 WordPress has more capabilities.

• We found a WordPress plugin that will turn your website into an online course platform and after we tried it, we found out It was perfect for all our needs.

• Another plugin that we liked is one that makes our Instagram “shoppable”. For example, if you go to the link in our Instagram profile, it brings you to our website that allows you to click on a specific Instagram post and it will take you to the place we were referring to in the post. Of course there are third party websites that allow you to do this but we didn’t want to pay extra when we can have the functionality on our website.

• Affiliate plugin: One of my online friends suggested having an affiliate program for our digital goods and we found a WordPress plugin that will allow us to create one which is in the works.

How we made the switch.

I think there is a common misconception that you don’t own your content when it is on Squarespace but that’s actually not true. Squarespace lets you export pages, images, and blog posts. We actually had a ton of content on Squarespace and I was worried that transferring the content would be tough. I was completely wrong! All you have to do is go in your Squarespace settings and export all your content. you then take that file and use WordPress’s Import feature. All my blog post and pages transferred over.

You will heed to change the links of your Images. While they will appear on your WordPress site, they are still currently hosted by your Squarespace site, and when your Squarespace website shuts down those images will be deleted as well.

Once all the content was Imported, I used one online tool called Cart2Cart in order to transfer over all my products, so I wouldn’t have to reupload everything and it saved a ton of time. The tool we used transfers up to 30 products for free so he didn’t have to pay for the transfers.

Once all content was Imported we started designing based on our design mockups.

Having all the content on the site allowed us to style it and see how it looks in real time so it helped the design process.

So far we’ve loving the switch back to WordPress but there are some things that I miss about Squarespace. I think the biggest part is that with Squarespace everything is already all set up for you, even mobile design and things such as padding and margins which means there is just more work to do on WordPress upfront before launching.

As always we recommend choosing a platform based on your needs. We will keep you updated about WordPress if our feelings about It change.

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